Sauna Preparation

For all Amerec® Sauna types:

  • Finish painting and/or staining of exterior surfaces.
  • Subfloor and/or foundation work.
  • All electrical work from supply, including connections to control, heater and light.

For Amerec® Custom-Cut saunas:

  • Installation of stud walls (or furrings strips) and ceiling joists.
  • Installation of insulation between wall studs and ceiling joists.

Code requirements: All materials, components and work shall conform to all applicable local, state and federal building and safety codes, ordinances and regulations.

Type construction: Amerec® Custom-Cut material packages (for installation on previously framed walls).

Wall framing shall be on 16” centers: Standard framed wall shall have 2” x 4” studs, bottom base plate treated, and ceiling lowered to 84 “ I.D. from floor to framing. Existing masonry walls shall have furring strips on 16” centers; metal studs shall have furrings strips—for nailing of T&G wallboards.

Walls and Ceiling: Shall be insulated with R11 rated fiberglass insulation, with foil vapor barrier (foil provided by helo®).

When Ordering: Sauna material package, shall be Amerec® model.  Provide interior dimensions of the framed space, indicate direction of ceiling joists, and swing of door.

Walls and ceiling interior materials shall be 1/2” x 3 1/2” V-joint, kiln dried to 12% or less, clear Western Red Cedar. Boards to be blind nailed using 5P galvanized nails, or comparable galvanized staples. Wallboards applied horizontally unless specified otherwise.

Type Construction: Amerec® Panel-Built Sauna Packages (free-standing modular units).

No framed walls are required for Amerec® Panel-Built packages. Install on any level, waterproof floor.

Wall and ceiling panels shall be framed of 2” x 4” framing, insulated with fiberglass batts, vapor barrier of Type C Reynolds Building Foil. Panel interior and exterior shall be lined with 1” x 4” (nominal), V-joint, kiln dried, clear Western Red Cedar. Optional: panel exterior can be ¼” smooth Luan Plywood on walls to be hidden or walls to be covered with drywall, tile, or wallpaper.

Type Construction: All types—Custom-Cut and Panel-Built.

Benches: Shall be preassembled by Amerec®. Standard width equals 19”. Face of clear, kiln-dried Western Red Cedar S4S 2" x 4" (nominal) and Tops of clear, kiln-dried Western Red Cedar S4S 1” x 4”  (nominal) with 1/2” spacing. Internal frames of high grade fir 2” x 4”. Tops fastened from bottom with galvanized staples. Bench supports kiln-dried Western Red Cedar 2" x 2 and 2" x 4” (nominal).

Backrests: S4S clear Western Red Cedar.

Interior and Exterior Trim: Corner and Base/Ceiling molding of clear, kiln-dried Western Red Cedar. Panel-Built saunas also include fascia of same material.

Heater Guard Rail: Shall be constructed of clear Cedar to surround heater. Dimensions shall match UL requirements for proper spacing between heater and guard rail.

Door: Shall be one of four standard Amerec® types. Amerec® Model AG 24/80: 2’0” x 6’8” All-Glass tempered, bronze tinted with appropriate hinges, latch and door handles, prehung on clear Cedar (or Mahogany) jamb; or, Amerec® Model DF 24/80: 2’0” x 6’8” of vertical grain Douglas Fir rails with sealed, double pane, tempered glass window (15’ x 64”), prehung on clear Cedar (or Mahogany) jamb; or 36/80 version of doors above for commercial installations. All doors include handles, casing, iamb, and threshold.

Handicap accessible commercial sauna doors available: Model AG36/80, All-Glass 36" x 80";  or DF 36/80, Douglas Fir 3’0” x 6’8”

Sauna Heater: Shall be Amerec® Model sized according to the square footage of the  room as shown in heater installation guides. Heater shall be UL listed. Shall include Vulcanite igneous rocks. Optional floor stand available with SO-S/SC models.

Controls: Shall be Amerec® Model, UL listed, and matched with heater according to model. 

Floor: Floor shall be of cement, ceramic tile, or similar waterproof type (no carpeting). Removable duckboard of Cedar or optional vinyl floor tiles are provided for walk area in front of benches.

Light: Shall be wall-mounted, UL listed, vapor-proof Progress P5511 or Hubbell B2S-VAR. Frosted white globe with satin finish, neoprene gasket, brushed aluminum base. Ceiling mounted and low voltage lighting available.

Accessories: All sauna packages include standard accessories of thermometer, stainless steel bucket, matching ladle, headrests, and duckboards. A wide range of additional accessories are available.

Warranty: All Amerec® sauna room components are warranted for five years (residential). Amerec® heaters have a five –year warranty (one year for commercial saunas) against defects in material and workmanship. Controls have a five year limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship. For further information regarding the Amerec® warranty, please contact Amerec® or your local authorized Amerec® dealer.