3 Basic Types of Cooling Systems

Wine cellar cooling systems come in many different sizes and shapes, but they all fall into one of the three categories. Here is an overview of the choices Inviniti will consult you about.

Through-the-Wall Unit

One of the most popular, reliable and least expensive styles used in private cellars is a “through-the-wall” configuration, in which a self-contained air conditioning unit is mounted literally through the wall. These systems are best for smaller cellars, as they have a limited cooling capacity. Thought must be given to the best placement of these systems, so as not to interfere with the racking.

Choosing a system that complements the look of the wine cellar, is quiet, energy efficient and offers a small footprint is important, as is the ability to duct warm condenser air away from the area to create a more comfortable living space. A room air conditioner is not an alternative to purchasing an air conditioner specifically designed for use in a wine cellar from a reliable manufacturer.

Ducted System

Versatile in self-contained or split setups, these offer great flexibility in design and installation.  These systems usually have the cooling capacity to be used in any sized cellar.  Inside the cellar you would only see "supply & return" grills which can be ceiling or side-wall mounted.  This system can be placed in either indoor or outdoor, out-of-the-way locations.  The result is a quiet cellar with no mechanical equipment taking up space.  

Split System

Split systems include two separate mechanical elements (condenser and evaporator) that can be used when ducting is not feasible, especially when the condenser must be installed outdoors or in an unheated space, such as a garage.  Split systems have the evaporator fan mounted inside the wine cellar with the condenser located outside the room and connected to the cellar by refrigeration tubing.

Unlike the first two styles, the split system must be installed by a licensed refrigeration technician.  Locating the condenser outside can be problematic, as it must be able to hold its set-point both summer and winter temperatures.  There may also be a noise factor inside the room because of the fan/coil device being mounted within the cellar.  The split system can be sized for any sized cellar.